By James Buchen, WUI Executive Director

The Wisconsin Legislature began it’s 2021- 22 session in January and is currently in the middle of deliberations on the State Budget. The Budget, as introduced by Governor Evers in February, contains a number of energy related provisions that may be adverse to utility shareholder interests. Fortunately, the Legislature’s Joint Finance Committee has voted to remove these provisions and they are unlikely to be included in the final version of the Budget which is expected to pass sometime in late June. 

Later in the Legislative session we are likely to see action on bills that allow electric vehicle charging stations and home solar installations to operate outside of the current utility regulatory scheme. WUI will continue to monitor these developments and weigh-in if necessary, to protect shareholder interests. Federally, President Biden’s infrastructure proposal contains various energy policy initiatives and increases in capital gains and dividend taxes. WUI will keep you informed of developments on this proposal as it is modified and acted upon. 

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